Build Better Business Software by Telling and Visualizing Stories

A domain story showing the process of going to the movies

Storytelling is at the heart of human communication—why not use it to overcome costly misunderstandings when designing software? By telling and visualizing stories, domain experts and team members make business processes and domain knowledge tangible. Domain Storytelling enables everyone to understand the relevant people, activities, and work items.

Domain Storytelling is a technique to transform domain knowledge into effective business software. It brings together domain experts and development teams. The domain experts can see immediately whether we understand their story correctly.


Domain Storytelling is a versatile tool that helps you to:

  • Fully align all project participants and stakeholders, both technical and business-focused
  • Draw clear boundaries to organize your domain, software, and teams
  • Transform domain knowledge into requirements, embedded naturally into an agile process
  • Gain better visibility into your IT landscape so you can consolidate or optimize it

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The best way to explain Domain Storytelling is to see it in action:


The first book about Domain Storytelling! Vaughn Vernon selected it for his Signature Series.


Domain-Driven Design

Domain Storytelling is a valuable tool in every DDD practitioner’s tool belt, on strategic and tactical level.



Have meaningful conversations about business processes and requirements.


Our web-based, open source modeling tool.

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